Working with Dementia

We were very privileged to be approached to run a series of workshops for people living with early stage Dementia last year and are excited to share the fruits of the first session! We introduced the group to Cornish artist Alfred Wallis and asked them to explore his style through drawing and painting. We were overwhelmed with the results they achieved.

It was such an inspiring and rewarding session and a departure from our usual children's and adult classes. To give you a bit of background about how this came about - we were approached by Daisy Coles a 16 yr old Sixth Form student from Godolphin & Latymer, who had an inspiring story and a vision to do more for older people in her community. Daisy spent a year and a half visiting the residents of a local care home in Hammersmith every week. During this she read an article that made her think how she could help her community. The article championed the science behind how people with Dementia, who take part in creative activities, lower their stress levels and experience greater feelings of well-being. Daisy decided to start her own art workshops with the idea to use her 52 hours of volunteer time to satisfy her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. She first attended a specialised arts training seminar put on by the charity Arts4Dementia. She then approached us, Picassos in the Park and asked if we would be interested in running a series of workshops for those people in Barnes! A a result we also attended the same training course run by Arts4Dementia.

Our first series of workshops started on Tuesday and proved to be a very inspiring and rewarding experience for all of those involved. The workshops are FREE and will run every Tuesday 12.45pm-2.45pm at The Castelnau Community centre until 20th March. If any reader has a family member or a friend with Early Stage Dementia, please encourage them to give the workshops a try. To book a space or for more information please contact the Centre Director Simon Roach through their website or call 02088710909

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