"Madeleine is inspired every week by what she learns at Picassos in the Park.  She's worked on an astonishing variety of artists and techniques.  Chloe and Laura guide the children sensitively and supportively - in just 90 very focused minutes each week, the children absorb and explore a huge amount! We are extremely grateful to Chloe and Laura for creating this unique and wonderful experience!"

Charlotte, Oval

"Monty really loves coming – thank you for all the joy you bring him – it is his absolute passion! Now he counts down the days to his next lesson. He thrives on

learning about the artists, and producing pictures himself. What they achieve in 75 minutes is nothing short of miracle. 
 Our little boy has grown so much in confidence. Picassos in the Park deliver their service with such artistry. It is clear that their business is what they love.  I can’t recommend their classes more highly."

Antoinette, Barnes

"Both Amelie and Elise love their weekly Picassos in the Park sessions. They have become much more confident in expressing themselves creatively and have also enjoyed learning about different artists and techniques. The freedom that Picassos has given them to experiment with paints and a range of materials is way greater than I could ever have attempted at the kitchen table!"

Louise, Barnes 

"Our 6 year old son, Eze, hugely enjoys his time at Picassos. It fuels his creative side so much that art is now very much part of our every day lives. The team at Picassos work incredibly well with all the kids, it is a happy place, a creative place, and one that our son certainly loves and looks forward to."

Lee and Eleanor, Camberwell

"My daughter comes home every week with an artwork and I can usually recognise which artist she has studied.  She can now visit a modern art gallery enjoying the art and identifying the artists! "

Nick, Oval

"Chloe and Laura are very attentive and warm in their interaction with the children and manage to encourage them to take risks and try new things. My daughter is very proud of the pieces of art and has lots of fun! I use the time to go for a run in the park and to drink a coffee..."

Linn, Myatts Fields

"Our daughter has been attending Picassos for a couple of years now, and she absolutely loves it.  Her knowledge of artists, their styles, use of different mediums completely surpasses the rest of her family!  The way the classes are structured make learning very accessible and fun, but also really valuable.. Some artists have been a complete revelation, who knew we would all love Alma Woodsey?!"

Paola, Borough

"We think you are amazing!!! Raghav loves the imaginative, thoughtful way in which the classes are organised and he has learnt so much, not just about art, but about the artist's mindS that he works on  .. thank you!" 

Abha, Kennington