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Our Story

Chloe and Laura met through NCT,  just before the birth of their first children.  They became firm friends, only realising later their shared passion for Art and their intense desire to start something creative.


Chloe (left) studied History of Art at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art gaining a BA Honours Degree. Previously, she worked as a Photo Director in the Photography and Magazine Publishing industries for 15 years.  Laura (right) studied for her BA Hons at the University of Arts London in Fine Art, Design and Photography.  Previously, she worked in the Design industry for over 10 years and had her own greeting card company together with experience of nannying in London and abroad.


Chloe and Laura’s love of the Art World is the inspiration behind their creating Picassos in the Park - driven by their desire to inform, nurture and transform young children’s understanding and enrich their life experience. Chloe and Laura are fully DBS checked and carry public liability insurance.



Our classes are aimed at all  creatives. Each session we draw on inspiration from a wide spectrum of Art History (including Ancient Art to Impressionism to Contemporary.) We explore the works of iconic artists (be it Picasso, Monet, Matisse) and use their techniques and subject matter to inspire the children to create their very own masterpiece in a variety of mediums. 

 Our aim is to encourage each child to explore their creativity, to challenge their visual perceptions and above all to have fun!

Each child will each go away with their own sketchbook and finished art work from the course. The practical studies are all fun, exciting and open up the children's minds to explore all the different areas of the art world. 

​taking inspiration
from the masters of art

see YOUR CHILD bring home a masterpiece
every week!​​




Every week we introduce the children to a new artist from the spectrum of Art History. We look at what inspired that artist and use these ideas for the children to create their own interpretation.


The children will learn a wide range of techniques and styles not only in painting and drawing but also through the medium of collage and sculpture.


Not only is Art a way of boosting self-esteem but has been proven to help children learn real-life skills, improving concentration and instilling a sense of dedication. We believe there is no right or wrong when being artistic - our classes give the children an outlet to express their creativity without fear of failure.


Above all we want the children to have fun and enjoy themselves.  It's a way to allow your children the freedom to get messy without worrying about the clear up!

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