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looking for a way to keep your child's creativity going at home?

Every THURSDAY, 4.30 - 5.30pm

Our zooms are nothing like homeschool! We offer a fun and engaging experience. Why not find out with a FREE trial!


Each week your child will learn about a new iconic artist, exploring their artworks visually as we discuss a step by step guide to creating their own interpretation at home.


You can get involved with basic art materials such as paper, sketch pencils and felt tips or oil pastels. For painting,  a set of paintbrushes and paints (either watercolour or acrylic) is desirable.  For collage, access to old magazines/ newspapers,  scissors and a gluestick.  

We don't expect everyone to have access to a wide range at home so will always suggest alternatives each week to allow your child to achieve a great result.


Every week we introduce the children to a new artist from the spectrum of Art History, exploring their work through a visual presentation. We show the children what inspired that artist and use these ideas for the children to create their own interpretation all guided stage by stage by the Picassos team. Children can ask questions and are encouraged throughout with helpful advice and suggestions on how to progress with their own personal pieces.


At the beginning of the week,  you will receive a zoom link,  artist worksheet and materials list so you can prepare. Once logged into the session we will check in on every child to talk through what they will be using in the class so we can guide and support them through the hour long session. The classes are relaxed and informal with the teachers working alongside the children in creating a final piece each week.  Sometimes we even play music to inspire!



Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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