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Join us on Thursday evenings to unwind and relax whilst getting creative.  


No previous artistic background necessary, just a chance to challenge yourself online and try something different.

You can get involved with basic art materials at home (pencils, biros, scrap paper, packaging boxes, coloured paper could be magazines, pizza fliers, greetings cards, paint could be old tin of wall paint) so we will always suggest alternatives. 

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"I’d not done art since school, but had held onto the idea that I would – one day.. Finding PiP in lockdown was an amazing opportunity to play with my old materials again in a safe space. I always start class frazzled, and end feeling relaxed and nourished. The classes are really welcoming, inclusive for all ages and are peppered with interesting facts and context – they help children and adults alike think about why you are drawing what you are drawing, or making this mark or that." 

Sue P, 44, Manchester

"I have revelled in the online Picassos in the Park sessions since the first lockdown. They helped me through isolation and beyond.  The sessions are fun, inspiring and informative.  I love the  making of quick sketches in the medium of our choice while listening to a super selection of music.  There isn't much time for contemplation but l really enjoy the drive to put something down on paper fast.  It was great to then share our work on screen.Thank you Chloe and Laura for every minute!"

Penny, 65, Spain

“I loved Picassos in the Park’s online Late Sessions over lockdown and beyond. It was a really enriching, fun session which gave me some valuable “me time” after a busy day. Chloe and Laura are knowledgable and fascinating when it comes to art, and also know how to have fun with it and give you time to be creative yourself. Just the right mix of informal, light touch but with a definite outcome and really interesting choice of art too.”

Anna McKerrow, 40, Surrey

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